Creme Caramel

Team Shambles Creme caramel and creme brulee are a big part of why we were excited for the cheesecakes course. Alana has made creme brulee a few times, and talked a little bit about the differences between creme brulee and creme caramel here. The main points referred to the differences in presentation, but didn’t actually look … More Creme Caramel

Creme Brulee II

Alana A while ago I made creme brulee for a French themed food night with the nurses. I wanted to give this recipe another go because, as I mentioned in my previous post, the creme brulee didn’t set properly. Earlier this week Theresa and I made a batch of swiss meringue buttercream because we plan … More Creme Brulee II

White Chocolate Raspberry Panna Cotta

Alana Panna cotta is an Italian dessert that is essentially a creamy jello. It doesn’t sound very appetizing in words, but it’s actually quite good (especially when extra flavours are involved). When all of the nursing peeps and I were finishing (yay!) our final preceptorships (aka clinical practicums) we decided to celebrate! A few of … More White Chocolate Raspberry Panna Cotta

Creme Brulee

Alana Earlier this summer, a few of my nursing friends and myself had an Indian food potluck. We’re repeating, expect this time the theme is French food! My friend Theresa tasked me with dessert, suggesting crème brûlée or crème caramel. Crème brûlée won. It requires a torch >:) If you aren’t familiar with CB and … More Creme Brulee