Roopa I was recently introduced to Gansitos, which are Twinkie-esque Mexican snack cakes. Maybe they’re great if you grow up eating them, but my first impression was overly processed mediocrity. After trying them, I felt compelled to make a better version of them, and I definitely succeeded!

Fireball Brownies

Roopa It was my friend Rebecca’s birthday and she is a big Fireball aficionado. Not really sure why, but that’s besides the point. We were having a conversation about birthday baking, and I told her that the entire point of having a friend who bakes is that you can get whatever you want, and aren’t … More Fireball Brownies

Cookie Butter Bars

Roopa My sister saw my other sprinkley treats and she decided she wanted something also, so I made some cookie butter bars. I also got to use my new plate from Anthropologie!! You always have to find the right colour scheme between dishes and food, so it can be really satisfying when you find a … More Cookie Butter Bars

Chocolate Brownies

Roopa I recently signed up for the Sweetapolita Sprinkles of the Month Club, and the only downside is that I haven’t been able to keep up to all the sprinkles I’m getting! I decided that whatever I made today was going to be covered in sprinkles regardless of what it was. I was baking for … More Chocolate Brownies

Cookie Butter Bars

Roopa I’ve never been much of a bar person; they usually aren’t very challenging, and there isn’t much fun decorating involved. That said, they’re really handy when you need to make a treat for a volleyball tournament at 1:00 AM the night before! They also are relatively stable in the heat.  I’ve made these bars … More Cookie Butter Bars

Cookie Butter Blondies

BISCOFF BLONDIES Roopa And yet another volleyball tournament. This one is a potluck, and I got a request for blondies, so I decided on these Biscoff White Chocolate Blondies from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Honestly, I was disappointed with the lack of cookie butter flavour. They tasted like a pretty generic (but still good) blondie to me. … More Cookie Butter Blondies

Earl Grey Brownies

EARL GREY BROWNIES Roopa I have a beach birthday bash to attend today, so obviously I’m bringing baking. I was a bit low on time so I opted for these Earl Grey Brownies I made last year. I had some leftover Swiss meringue buttercream so I spread that on top. How can you ever go wrong with … More Earl Grey Brownies

Indian Almond Halva

Roopa Almond halva (hull-vah), also known as barfi (ber-fee), was a staple of my childhood. Growing up, my dad would make it a few times each year, and to this day it is my absolute favourite dessert. I still can’t eat any store-bought or restaurant versions because they are so intensely mediocre by comparison. The … More Indian Almond Halva