Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake



My friend’s birthday is tomorrow, and he requested some sort of chocolate peanut butter concoction. I made a chocolate peanut butter cake with honey vanilla filling (from my cupcakes yesterday) and hid the questionable icing job with lots of Reese’s cups. 

I used this chocolate cake recipe, this peanut butter icing recipe, and this honey vanilla filling recipe. I used 1.5 times the cake recipe, the full icing recipe, and the full filling recipe – note that I also iced another 24 cupcakes with it though – and amounts worked pretty well. I mixed together a bit of the icing and the filling to make the top flourishes, and then decorated with miniature Reese’s cups. One thing to take note of: be really careful if you heat up the honey vanilla filling at all. Mine was in the fridge and I was in a rush, and I heated it way too quickly/much. It had a lovely smooth texture at one point…

Good thing there are Reese’s cups! 

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