Banana Banana Bread II


Despite only being back home for a short time after my pastry school adventure, I’m off to spend the weekend in Jasper! This weekend is the Jasper Pride Festival, and I’m heading down with a few friends to celebrate and have a gay ‘ol time (pun!) This years theme is “From Jasper with Love “(James Bond)! This weekend Mike and his roommate are also hosting billets, who will be in Edmonton for this years National Debate Tournament. I wanted to bake something we could take on our trip as well as something for the billets, so I decided this was a good opportunity to give the Banana Banana Bread recipe another go!

I think this was actually the first time I tried this recipe myself. Definitely moist, and definitely dense. I also think, as I mentioned in my first post, that walnuts would be perfect in this bread! You can also never go wrong with chocolate chips 🙂

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