Chocolate Baby Shower Cake


A friend of mine and Roopa’s is hosting a baby shower a little while ago. She needed a cake and came to us! Roopa is in Vancouver so I agreed to help out 🙂


We chatted a little bit about decorations, but we didn’t say too much about the kind of cake. I thought chocolate would be good and it made me think of a recipe I have used a several times (here, here, and here). This one came to mind because it’s really flavourful and not too sweet. From what I hear it was well received at the party, so I think it was a good choice 🙂


One batch of batter makes two fat layers!

I made a batch up cupcakes as well as the cake, just to be sure that there would be enough servings for everybody at the party. The same recipe that gave me one 4 layer cake, yielded 50 large cupcakes*. To frost the cake and all of the cupcakes I used 1 ½ recipes of this swiss meringue buttercream from Sweetapolita. It is also a recipe that I use quite frequently because it is really smooth and not too sweet. SMBC also takes on other flavours really well, so it can be very versatile. I always end up needing to troubleshoot my frosting whenever I make this recipe because my butter is always too warm or too cold, but it’s worth the effort 🙂


To make the design on the top of the cake I printed out a picture of baby feet that I liked, and gently made dots on the surface of the cake using the picture as a guideline. After that I used a round decorating tip to make an outline from my dots, then filled in the baby feet. To smooth them out I used a gum paste/fondant tool that resembles a small straight edged spatula. Easy peasy!

* The cake baked for about 45 minutes in my oven, while the cupcakes were done when I checked them at 18 minutes.

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