Mother’s Day Black Forest Cake


My mom wanted to make my grandmother a Mother’s Day cake, so I’m not really too shocked this task fell to me in the end. We had some cherry pie filling, so my mom was thinking black forest cake. According to Wikipedia, a black forest cake consists of chocolate cake, with cherries, and whipped cream. So I guess this cake isn’t quite a black forest, but it’s pretty close!


I used the same recipe combination as I did for my Baby Shower Cake, but this time my cake actually rose! Success! I made two layers, and cut each in half. I filled the middle with frosting, and the top and bottom layers with cherry pie filling. The cherries definitely added quite a bit of height to the cake, to the point where I wasn’t sure that the cake would fit into my cake box.


I’ve made a couple cakes using this frosting technique before, and it actually pretty easy. Now that I think about it, my PB chocolate birthday cake was almost the same cake! You know, minus the peanut butter frosting.


Essentially you divide up your frosting and dye it what ever colours you want. Frost the cake in sections, and blend the colours as much or as little as you like. I personally prefer when the colours fade into each other a little bit more. If you want to learn this technique it’s from Sweetapolita; there is a video tutorial in her Pastel Swirl Cake post.

Anyways, the cake was very well received by all who had a slice 🙂



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