Sour Cherry Pie


The original purpose of the baking day that Theresa and I planned (a while ago now) was for us to try out the sour cherry pie recipe from the Duchess Bake Book. The sour cherry pie is a favourite of Theresa’s, and rightfully so! This pie is absolutely delicious!


This pie was very straightforward to make. Make pie dough, mix up the filling, bake, eat.


I think my only comment about this recipe would be that if you are using a deep pie dish, you will not have quite enough filling to fill the whole dish. I used an average shallow looking dish and it worked out perfectly.


The lattice was also ridiculously easy to make. Especially considering Theresa and I were too lazy to weave our strips of pie dough. I feel a little bad about this because searching pinterest later, I found a ton of really neat ways to vary pie lattices. Guess I’ll have to make more pie!

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