Rainbow Birthday Bundt Cake


A couple weeks ago I went to the Jasper Pride Festival with a handful of nursing friends. Brad’s birthday coincided perfectly with our trip, so I whipped up this cake to bring to Jasper 🙂


This cake was super simple to make. Essentially I made a box cake, dyed it in various colours, and poured them into the pan. You could definitely do this with any other cake batter, but I’m lazy and was under some time pressure. I do feel like I dropped the ball a bit on the frosting, because I didn’t have any unsalted butter. I figured “how much salt could actually be in regular butter?”. It’s quite a bit, turns out. The frosting was still pretty good, albeit in a salted caramel way. I definitely noticed, but I’m not sure anybody else did.

I got this idea from a cake I saw on Pinterest. In classic Pinterest fashion my cake did not turn out as rainbow-y as the one online, and was more psychedelic blob in appearance.

First thing Brad did was take a bite out of the side of the cake. No surprise there.

I think this would be neat to try with other colours or flavours. I personally think this has great potential for a Neapolitan cake! Anyways, happy baking!

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