French Baguette

Roopa Who doesn’t love a French baguette?! I was most excited to make a baguette and bagels when I started this class. One thing to note about this recipe is that it’s a great go-to white dough recipe. I definitely need to work on my slashing technique, but regardless of appearance, it was delicious! Technically … More French Baguette

Baguette Punchdown

The “punch down” technique is used for stretching out the gluten in the dough. It also helps to redistribute the yeast, and even out the temperatures difference between the core and the surface.

Bread Baking Tips

Roopa I’ve tried to make a summary of the key things learned about bread baking from my course at the Vancouver Pastry Training Center.   Desired Dough Temperature (DDT) Calculations This is the method of calculating the proper water temperature for fermentation. Unfortunately, it is done in the objectively sub-par imperial system. Determine your DDT. … More Bread Baking Tips

Whole Wheat Loaf

Roopa The second bread at pastry school was a whole wheat loaf. Due to all of the bran in whole wheat, you cannot actually make 100% whole wheat bread. there needs to be some bread flour mixed it. I don’t know if it’s even worth talking about how these breads tasted; everything I’ve ever eaten … More Whole Wheat Loaf

Hard Bread Rolls

Roopa After a year, I’ve gone back to Pastry school!!!! Alana was supposed to join me, but sadly adulting and work got in the way :(. I signed up for Introduction to Breads after experiencing the joy of kneading dough last year. As usual, it was a wonderful time, and Chef Marco was a gem, … More Hard Bread Rolls

Spinach Muffins

Alana Unfortunately baking ended up on the back burner for the last couple months. In January I was taking a critical care course in light of my new job in the ICU (yay!), so that and adulting took up a substantial amount of my time. During my last week of class, I was cruising through … More Spinach Muffins