Roopa I went back to the Vancouver Pastry Training Center to take the ‘Tiramisu and Italian Pastries’ course. As usual, it was excellent. Truthfully, I’d never enjoyed tiramisu until going to Thierry and trying theirs. One of my favourite parts of taking these courses is getting to taste what things should taste like. Apparently most places use whipped … More Tiramisu


FOUGASSE Roopa Some extra baguette dough was chopped off, and slit up, and this lovely fougasse was formed, complete with pumpkin seeds, rosemary, and paprika.

Carrot Loaf

Roopa The last loaf we made in the Breads course was a carrot loaf with herbs and caramelized onions. It was definitely more challenging to work with after the addition of all of the wet ingredients! I don’t love onions and can’t be counted on to judge accurately, but my coworkers loved this one! INGREDIENTS … More Carrot Loaf

French Baguette

Roopa Who doesn’t love a French baguette?! I was most excited to make a baguette and bagels when I started this class. One thing to note about this recipe is that it’s a great go-to white dough recipe. I definitely need to work on my slashing technique, but regardless of appearance, it was delicious! Technically … More French Baguette

Baguette Punchdown

The “punch down” technique is used for stretching out the gluten in the dough. It also helps to redistribute the yeast, and even out the temperatures difference between the core and the surface.

Bread Baking Tips

Roopa I’ve tried to make a summary of the key things learned about bread baking from my course at the Vancouver Pastry Training Center.   Desired Dough Temperature (DDT) Calculations This is the method of calculating the proper water temperature for fermentation. Unfortunately, it is done in the objectively sub-par imperial system. Determine your DDT. … More Bread Baking Tips