Happy Pi Day!

Alana This pie needs no reason or explanation!  I recruited Mike to help me because I hoped that he would have all the digits of pi memorized, so I could put on the pie. Sadly he doesn’t, so we needed to look them up on the Google. Engineers are so useless when it comes to … More Happy Pi Day!

Apple Pie

Team Shambles We’ve all had apple pie at some point in our lives, but this pie takes the cake! (Insert giggle for questionable baking joke?) The filling isn’t runny at all, and the pie crust is nice and flaky. Chef Marco also gave us some really helpful tips to judge how well the dough needs … More Apple Pie

Austrian Apple Strudel with Sauce Anglaise

Team Shambles Strudels consist of flaky pastry wrapped several times around some sort of filling, typically fruit (though there are other kinds as well). Originally, strudels are an Austrian dessert; the dough is stretched thinly enough that you can read printed text through it, then wrapped around an apple and raisin filling. Watching Chef Marco … More Austrian Apple Strudel with Sauce Anglaise

Apple Tarte Tatin

Alana + Roopa After recently becoming addicted to ‘The Great British Bake Off,’ we felt a need to diversify from cupcakes. Today’s experiment was a Tarte Tatin, adapted from one of the recipes used on the show. We used apples instead of bananas…mostly because there were apples at my house. The recipe used can be … More Apple Tarte Tatin