Happy Pi Day!


This pie needs no reason or explanation! 


I recruited Mike to help me because I hoped that he would have all the digits of pi memorized, so I could put on the pie. Sadly he doesn’t, so we needed to look them up on the Google. Engineers are so useless when it comes to numbers and math. At least he helped roll out the pie dough!


Engineering ruined his life, so now he bakes with me 😀

For my pi pie, I used the Apple Pie recipe that Roopa and I got in pastry class. The only difference was that I used Granny Smith apples rather than Royal Gala, and that I rounded all of my measurements to the nearest multiple of 5 (my scale only goes up in 5 gram increments, grrrr).

I did notice that the filling was ever-so-slightly runnier than the pie from pastry class, as well as that the granny smith apples did not hold their shape as well as the royal gala. I do prefer the flavour of the granny smiths, so next time I could add a little bit more starch if I wanted to keep the inside firmer. That being said, I do think that the filling set well, and didn’t run once it had cooled (even after microwaving!)


We got a lot of digits on there!

The credit for the apples on top of the pie go 100% to Mike. He doesn’t like to waste food, so he got creative and cut some of the scrap apple bits into flowers. He tried to tell me that he used to work at Edible Arrangements, then I told him he was full of shit. 


They do look pretty!

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