Roopa I had ‘sweet bun’ week for my baking challenge and I decided to make Swedish cardamom buns. I think the Swedes are the only ones who appreciate cardamom the same way that Indians do. I’d been eyeing these for some years because I love cardamom and intriguing bread twists, so this seemed like an … More Kardemummabullar

Earl Grey Poppyseed Tea Cakes with Cardamom Icing

Roopa My friend Chris was in town today, and we had decided on a baking/squash date weeks ago. We were thoroughly inspired by these amazing tea cakes by sprinklebakes, and originally were going to make them as cupcakes with a cardamom icing. I felt like procrastinating though, so I went and picked up a circle … More Earl Grey Poppyseed Tea Cakes with Cardamom Icing

Cardamom Shortbread Cookies

CARDAMOM SHORTBREAD COOKIES Roopa I used one quarter of this recipe, and added 12 ground cardamom pods (about 1.5 tsp). They smell like cardamom, but the flavour didn’t go through too intensely. Next time, I would leave the cardamom in bigger chunks (and maybe add a few more pods) instead of grinding it so much.