I had ‘sweet bun’ week for my baking challenge and I decided to make Swedish cardamom buns. I think the Swedes are the only ones who appreciate cardamom the same way that Indians do. I’d been eyeing these for some years because I love cardamom and intriguing bread twists, so this seemed like an opportune time to try them. They turned out SO well and were just a lot of fun to make. My twists were a little questionable, but I had a lot of fun with the whole process.

I considered blogging about the recipe, but the visuals are really useful on this one so I suggest you check out the original recipe at Feast Fix Flair. The only thing I changed was that I used 5g of yeast instead of 7g to adjust for the SLC altitude. Other than that, I followed this recipe exactly. Definitely watch the gif or some youtube videos a few times to get the twist right. Also, I ended up buying cardamom seeds (not ground) so I didn’t have to shell 8000 cardamom pods, which I would recommend. Might not be as potent as cardamom pods, but definitely more flavourful than pre-ground cardamom. Also there is still a ridiculous amount of cardamom in here so you won’t be lacking for flavour.

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