Spiral Cookies

COLOURFUL SPIRAL COOKIES Roopa I never really made a post specifically about these cookies, so I’m doing it a few months late.  I used the recipe exactly how it is here: http://www.sprinklebakes.com/2010/01/colorful-spiral-cookies.html It was my first time rolling dough together, and I didn’t let it thaw nearly enough. I had some tears with the rolling process, … More Spiral Cookies

Box Cake

Alana As much as I prefer making cakes and cupcakes from scratch, sometimes a box cake or two creeps into my baking repertoire. Box cakes are actually pretty good, but I do like to modify the ingredients on occasion. Adding a box of pudding mix, or substituting buttermilk for regular milk changes it up a … More Box Cake

Colourful Icing Swirls

Alana I love colourful cupcakes, especially when there is more than one colour. I definitely would say that I prefer Americolor over Wilton brand gels (pastes?). I’ve noticed that Wilton is streaky sometimes, which can be a little bit frustrating when you’ve worked hard on baking and decorating a cake/cupcakes.  Tube method I’ve tried a … More Colourful Icing Swirls

Mehndi Cookies

Roopa I felt like doing something a little more artistic, so I made a few types of cookies – specifically, mehndi cookies and COLORFUL SPIRAL COOKIES. I got both ideas from Sprinklebakes, but I changed around the sugar cookie recipe. My take on the mehndi cookie. They definitely improved with each iteration, and google image … More Mehndi Cookies