So Many Things!


Today was my first time going to Hendrix, a fancy kitchen supply store. I really wanted to buy all the things, but I limited myself to a few excellent items. I sort of take after my dad in that I shop a little backwards; rather than buying tools for a project, I like to buy cool things and then find some sort of use for them afterwards.


Dough scraper


Pastry cutter

I clearly need to start making a lot more puff pastry! I watched Paul Hollywood work some dough on Great British Bake Off, and decided I needed a scraper. I hadn’t really made anything until recently that even used dough, but now I have no excuses!


5" springform pans. It took SO much willpower to resist buying the 4" pans and mini loaf pans. They were just so cute!


Flour sifter

 Once again, British Bake Off tempted me. I saw all of the contestants use their fancy sifters and started coveting them. Also, my cocoa has been a touch lumpy these days.

I think I am going to explode if I don’t get to utilize any of these today, so I’ll probably attempt some puff pastry!

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