Alana I got the itch to bake yesterday, but wasn’t too sure about what I could make because I’ve been house sitting. I know my way around Stephen and Ash’s kitchen, but I wasn’t too sure what ingredients they had. I opted to do something on the savour side of things and rolled some prosciutto, … More

Apple Pie

Alana A coworker of mine was chatting one day at work about how much produce her garden has yielded this year. She was a little overwhelmed by it, and I piped up saying that if she had any apples I would take them off her hands. Done deal! I over did it in the oven, … More Apple Pie

New Oven!!!

Roopa I’m getting a new oven!!!!!!!! By that, I mean I’m moving to a new, adultier apartment with a reasonable oven. This oven might be the most exciting thing in my life! A full 6″ bigger than the last one!!! With digital (and functional) controls!!! It’s still in mid moving shambles, but you get the … More New Oven!!!