Giant Cupcake Pan? Check!


This post contains no cake, and I don’t care.

Today is all about the giant cupcake pan. I saw this pan at the Safeway in my neighbourhood at least 4 years ago, and for some absolutely insane reason did not purchase it. I have regretted that moment up until now, because finally, I have one!


I was very excited…

It’s really my own fault that I didn’t have this fabulous pan until now because I’ve seen the Wilton ones in numerous other locations. It’s just really difficult to justify spending [however much they are] on extraneous baking supplies. During the school year I need that money for coffee (university problems), but summer employment offers unique opportunities! I also cheated and bought the Superstore version for $10… Hey now, I’m allowed to cut these corners; I have another degree to start in T-21 days!

To make this gigantic-cupcake-waiting-to-happen even more dangerous, I caved at Chapters and bought Martha Stewart’s book on cupcakes


Sadly, my mother was not available to take a picture for me. Two cheers for photobooth!

I’m not really a huge Martha fan, but I might need to start. There are too many delicious and creative recipes in this book to resist (pistachio + raspberry, say whaaa?). I have a couple recipe ideas of my own to hammer out, but this is just shambles in the kitchen waiting to happen! Somehow I’m excited!

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