Chocolate Whiskey Birthday Cake


It was my good friend Stephen’s birthday a couple weekends ago, and his wonderful girlfriend (Ashlea) asked if either me or my friend Theresa could bake a birthday cake. Unfortunately Theresa was out of town, so this was a solo cake adventure.


Ashlea had no requests/suggestions for the kind of cake she thought Stephen would like best. I had several mismatched ideas for the flavour and possible decorations, so I didn’t really know what I should make. By default, I turned to my favourite baking blogs.

I came across the Gentlemen’s Chocolate Whiskey Cake on SprinkleBakes, and realized it was perfect! Stephen is a fan of Jameson Irish Whiskey, so this recipe was definitely a jackpot. 


Cutting the cake! The cake-beard was inspired by Stephen’s actual beard

The recipe is easy to follow and went well with my favourite Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe from Sweetapolita. The cake was very moist, but perhaps that’s just the whiskey talking! 

The problem that I ran into while baking this cake, was that the layers did not rise very much. Each layer was only about an inch thick, which did not conform to my cake vision. I wanted the cake to be on the taller side of things, and wanted to make sure that there would be enough cake for everybody at the party. I decided the best remedy was to simply repeat the recipe. 


Short cake layers :s

Unfortunately I was plagued by similar circumstances while crumb coating the cake. Just as I was finishing up, I realized that the amount of icing my recipe made wasn’t going to be enough (aka there was very little left). 


Cake cross section! You can see that the lack of rise caused the layers to be concave.

Part of my feels like I’ve run into inadequate volumes of icing with this particular recipe before, yet I continue to use it. I suspect that this recipe was originally intended for cupcakes, and not a 4 layer cake.

Despite the hiccups along the way, this cake was overall a win! Apparently everybody liked it, so I would definitely make this a repeat. Enjoy 🙂

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