Exciting Baking Books!


To make up for my lack of posting about things baked (I blame nursing), I’m going to post about things that I could be baking as I have a few new recipe books 🙂

Who’s surprised there’s booze involved? I’m certainly not!

These lovely books were gifted to me by none other than Roopa! We were actually in Calgary for the stampede when we found the Booze Cakes book. We were browsing though a local shop downtown, and we came across this book. I got her to take a picture of it so I could look it up later, and magically it appeared in my mailbox (along with The Boozy Baker) the other week! The exciting this about the The Boozy Baker book is that there are drink recipes to go along with the different kinds of cakes, cookies, pies, etc. My inner alchy couldn’t be more excited! 

Take note of the bookshelf full of my first degree. Biology degree, I actually kind of miss you. 

This book of 500 cupcakes (ALL THE CUPCAKES) was gifted to me by Theresa at French food night (as per the creme brulee post). I’m excited about this one because of the sheer number of possibilities! So many different kinds of cupcakes, and different ways to decorate to boot! Thanks T!

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