Wedding Cake Part II


As I mentioned in my post on creme brulee, I made a batch of swiss meringue buttercream with Theresa to do another test-run for Stephen and Ashlea’s wedding cake. The way I see it, there are two big things we need to do before we bake the cake for the big day: 1) try baking the cake in a 10 inch pan, and 2) practice decorating the cake. Theresa and I don’t have our own 10 inch pan, so that option is out until we can either borrow or buy one. That means our next step is to bake some cake to decorate!


Theresa wanted to do a practice cake with two tiers, decorated in the naked style… Or is it the absence of decoration that makes it a naked cake?! It definitely gets decorated, lets be real.

We decided it would be easiest to make the top two layers, aka the 6 and 8 inch rounds.


We’ve chatted about what kinds of fruits we should use to decorate the cake, and how we might go about it. The cake that we want to emulate is a cake that Ash pinned onto our collective board from MODWEDDING, pictured below. It’s a pretty good looking cake, if you ask me.


Because the cake recipe we are using is orange based, Theresa and I thought that we should stay away from berries and grapes and stick to orange fruits. Our decorations included icing sugar sifted onto the cake, mini oranges, gooseberries, and sage leaves. Stephen and Ash loved it! 🙂 The cake also tasted delicious, of course!

Both Theresa and I weren’t thrilled by different colour palates from the gooseberry leaves and the sage leaves, so I think with the final cake we’ll probably stick to one or the other. I think it would be really neat to incorporate cinnamon sticks because of the spices in the cake, and they convey a warm feeling 🙂 Another idea that we want to try out is to have flowers on the cake, but that will depend on what kinds of flowers they order for the wedding.

Anyways, we were pretty happy with how it turned out 🙂

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