Dehydrated Oranges


This project isn’t baking per say, but it is very related to baking that I mentioned in my last wedding cake post (aka Theresa and I are baking and decorating a practice cake in a couple days). Roopa found a really lovely looking cake that was decorated with dehydrated oranges, and was reminded of our wedding cake project. Theresa and I loved the look of the oranges, and decided to give it a try.


When I was Googling around on how to approach this idea, I found mostly the same thing regardless of the fruit. You need a very low oven temperature and a very long bake time. According to SparkPeople, the best oven temperature to use is 130-160 degrees F. The baking time will depend on the fruit you are planning to dehydrate; in our case, oranges take around 8-10 hours.


The preparation only included heating the oven, washing and slicing the oranges, and rotating the oranges in the oven every couple hours. The rotating sounds like a pain, but I did this on a day I knew I would be home and set an alarm on my phone. Easy!

An amazing suggestion Theresa made was to do this with blood oranges. BLOOD ORANGES! The colours! No words!


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