French Vanilla Ice Cream


This is another pastry school recipe that I’ve been wanting to try out, because there is nothing better than warm brownies covered in ice cream 🙂 Last night Theresa hosted Sunday family dinner at Stephen’s house while him and Ash are away in Vernon. Theresa and Katherine had dinner covered, so I’m took care of dessert. I didn’t want to do anything crazy so I picked up a box of Betty Crocker brownie mix, and was about to grab a tub of ice cream when I remembered this recipe!


This is my first time making ice cream, but I figured it would be pretty straight forward. I already had the ice cream kitchen aid attachment, and the ingredients were easy to get a hold of, so how hard could it be?!


Mmmm glucose, it’s some weird stuff

As mentioned in our first post on French vanilla ice cream, the first step to making authentic French vanilla ice cream is to make a custard. I’ve already done this several times so I figured it would be a piece of cake (have I used this cheesy joke before?). Unfortunately I did not do a great job. I was being quite careful to not scramble my custard, but it ended up happening anyways. For whatever reason my custard was quite thin, and every time I tested it for temperature I didn’t see anything that suggested my custard was done. I pseudo-saved it by pouring some milk in and whisking it in after I realized what had happened. I saved my custard but it didn’t thicken up.


I think the flavour turned out really well, but the texture wasn’t quite right. I think it was partially because there was a bit too much… batter?… for the kitchen aid to cool properly. You need to let the ice cream churn in the maker for a long time to allow air to be incorporated, but I’m pretty sure had I let mine keep going the bowl would have overflowed.


The start of my ice cream process


So much more full!

I don’t think I waited too long after this to put it into the freezer. In retrospect that was probably a mistake, but I thought that my bowl was going to overflow and the ice cream on the surface looked like it was starting to melt. I want to try this recipe again, but I’ll probably half it so that I have a more manageable amount of ice cream to deal with!

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