New Oven!!!


I’m getting a new oven!!!!!!!!

By that, I mean I’m moving to a new, adultier apartment with a reasonable oven. This oven might be the most exciting thing in my life!

A full 6″ bigger than the last one!!! With digital (and functional) controls!!!

It’s still in mid moving shambles, but you get the idea

Ok, that’s a little bit of a bold statement. There are some pretty exciting things happening in my life right now. 

  1. Two years ago, I moved out to Vancouver to do my after-degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics, and I am now in my final month of my program! I am almost done school forever!!!! (Technically my Master’s will still take me another year, but we’re just not going to count that). 
  2. I’m about to start an adulty-adult job with a Prosthetics and Orthotics engineering tech company, and could not be more excited! It’s an awesome company, and pretty much exactly what I wanted. 
  3. My new apartment is in a more Vancouvery area of Vancouver, so I will actually get to do fun things, rather than just see other people do fun things from afar. 
  4. My mommy is coming to visit me and make me foodstuffs. (So much for that whole adulting thing…) 

So fine, the oven isn’t the most exciting thing, but it’s still pretty exciting! Think of all of the exciting things I can bake with that extra 6″!! And think how much less I’ll burn with an oven that doesn’t accelerate temperature! 

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