Creme Caramel aka Spanish Flan


Theresa’s parents were in Edmonton last month. Her dad is Spanish, and he grew up eating flan aka creme caramel. Theresa’s mom makes some pretty amazing jam, so we cut a deal. I get a jar of jam, if I bring some flan over for dessert. Done! 


The recipe I used was the same one that Roopa and I used when we went to pastry school, described in this post. When we made creme caramel in pastry class, Roopa and I burnt the caramel as well as over baked the custard.


Ready to go!


This time around I was much more careful with the caramel. I ended up making a couple batches of caramel because when I added the water to stop the caramelization process it crystalized some of the caramel. I’m fairly certain I either added it too fast or didn’t stir the caramel enough when adding the water. Anyways, I made a second batch of caramel which turned out just fine.


Baking the custard was easy. I was able to actually monitor how the bake was progressing every 5-10 minutes or so. The only thing I would have done differently, would be to bake this a day ahead of time. I made my flans the morning that I served them, so the caramel/sugar didn’t have time to dissolve completely. 

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