Rainbow Apricot Carrot Cake


For my birthday in June, Roopa got me a cake recipe book written by the author of this blog. I haven’t really baked cake in a while, so I’ve had no need to pull it off the shelf… Until it was my Dad’s birthday! He likes carrot cake so I searched through Layered and found a recipe that sounded good.


When I first saw this recipe I thought it would be super neat to use rainbow carrots from the farmer’s market. I thought it was SUCH a clever idea… until I read the description on the recipe and found out that rainbow carrots were the inspiration for this recipe. Darn.


Anyways, I feel like I can’t really say much about this cake because I was working all day when it was served, so I didn’t get to try any. That being said, the cake itself was really neat with all of the colourful flecks of carrot. You could easily use rainbow carrots with any recipe you want, so go do that.


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