Caramel Popcorn Twists


A little while ago there was a bake sale at the hospital and the staff bought a bunch of treats, including some caramelized popcorn twists. Holy they were addictive. We polished off the 4 or 5 bags of this stuff by the end of the shift and still had room for more!

Turns out this is the recipe that is on the back of Old Dutch popcorn twist bag. It’s a super simple recipe that mainly consists of making a simple caramel. The recipe calls for corn syrup, which is an ingredient I never use. I fished out a bottle from the back of the cupboard, and to my dismay the expiry date said November 2007. Oops? It looked fine, so I turned to the handy-dandy internet to do some Googling around. Apparently manufacturers say that if you store corn syrup properly it has an indefinite shelf life. “Indefinite shelf life” doesn’t exactly describe foods that I want to consume on the regular, but I decided that a one-time dose probably won’t be the end of me.


The only comment that I really have to make regarding this recipe is that you should definitely use a roasting pan, or something of comparable size (aka large and shallow-ish). I used a large oven-friendly pot at my boyfriend’s place, and despite it’s size, I found it tricky to stir all of the popcorn twists. I also think a larger container would be helpful in evenly pouring the caramel over the popcorn. 


(And try not to eat them all in one sitting)

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