Skelligs Chocolate Chip Cookies


It has been a good long while since I’ve baked anything. I went on a trip for about 1 ½ weeks with Theresa to Ireland (10/10 would recommend), which means I had to trade away the shifts that I wasn’t able to get covered by vacation, and I moved! So between prepping for my trip, going on my trip, working, attempting to shop for furniture, and moving, I was a little bit busy. While Theresa and I were in Ireland we drove the Ring of Kerry, a scenic ring road with lots of stops along the way to check out anything between castle ruins to a statue of Charlie Chaplin! When I saw that there was a chocolate factory, Skelligs Chocolate, I knew it was an essential stop. One of the things I picked up at Skelligs Chocolate was a baking blend of chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry chips. After getting home from Ireland and moving into my condo, I decided that my inaugural bake should be cookies with these baking chips 🙂



Baking chips 🙂

I used this recipe for MiniEgg Easter Cookies, and used my baking chips as a substitute for chopped MiniEggs. An old favourite recipe for a new kitchen! 


Ready for my kitchen’s first bake!

My condo is still pretty bare bones, so it was odd reaching for things I used all the time at my Mom’s house then realizing that I no longer have that thing! The circumstances were definitely not ideal, but I was just glad to be baking again 🙂


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