Spinach Muffins

Alana Unfortunately baking ended up on the back burner for the last couple months. In January I was taking a critical care course in light of my new job in the ICU (yay!), so that and adulting took up a substantial amount of my time. During my last week of class, I was cruising through … More Spinach Muffins

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Project Part II

Alana Oh marshmallows, where to begin? I have been avoiding writing this post since I began my marshmallow ordeal. The idea behind my hot chocolate & marshmallow project was to give away jars of homemade hot chocolate mix with an accompanying bag of marshmallows as Christmas gifts. The hot chocolate half of this project worked … More Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Project Part II

Gingerbread House

Alana I got gingerbread house cookie cutters for Christmas a few years ago, and had yet to make a gingerbread house from scratch! I was already making some gingerbread cookies for a cookie exchange, so I doubled my recipe and cut out pieces for my gingerbread house. Because I used my usual recipe and not … More Gingerbread House