Gumpaste Flowers

Roopa I’ve always found gumpaste flowers exceedingly beautiful, but there is a little bit of a barrier to entry for these guys. They require a lot of parts, a LOT of time, and a decent amount of know how. Now that I’m a bit adultier than when this blog started, I don’t always have a … More Gumpaste Flowers

Malt Cake

CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH MALTED CHOCOLATE ICING Roopa This cake is from a while ago, but I was looking through my old pictures and remembered how much I like the basketweave design. I used this cake recipe and this icing recipe. To date, the malted chocolate is one of my favourite kinds of icing! 

Spring Cupcakes

SPRING CUPCAKES Roopa These are from a little while ago, but it was pretty much a ‘let’s play around with icing’ kind of day. It was just a basic buttercream since that is stiff enough to decorate well, but soft enough to not cramp your hand.