Triple Lemon Cupcakes

I wanted to make something bright and summery, so I went with triple lemon cupcakes. They gave me a chance to use my new gel food colours, as well as use up some of the MANY flowers I made. 


My favourite was the lily-esque flower! 

I used this Lemon Blueberry cake recipe for the cake and icing, except I left out the blueberries. I also used egg replacer, which led to some pretty dense cupcakes. I am not the biggest fan of egg replacer. 

I also added some lemon pudding into the cupcakes, to make them ‘triple’ lemon. I find that pudding is a really effective and easy way to add something extra to cupcakes. For the most part, it pipes really easily into cupcakes, and you don’t need to cut the tops out or anything. It’s also super easy to make, and one box can last several batches of cupcakes. I usually only make ~20g at a time, so it lasts a while. The only one I’ve had any trouble with was the pistachio icing – delicious, but the nuts in it tend to clog up the filling tip. 


This was the result of me looking up random flowers on youtube.

As I said, the cupcakes were a bit dense, but they taste AMAZING. They are really good with blueberries too, but I wanted a strictly lemony cupcake. If you do add blueberries, both frozen and fresh work well. Advantageous for those of us who live in Canada and have a limited blueberry season. 

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