Beach Volleyball Cake

  Roopa A friend of mine had a Beach Divas themed volleyball tournament, so I volunteered to make a themed cake. It was a good opportunity to practice my wedding cake recipe too! I made some adjustments based on how the last cake turned out and was really happy with the final result!

Chocolate Cloud Cake

Roopa My friend came over to help me make a cake for his brother’s birthday. Well, “help” me. He pretty much did everything while I provided moral support. He stirred some butter and reached some really high pans, which is basically all there is to making a cake. Oh, and he torted the cake rather proficiently. … More Chocolate Cloud Cake


Roopa I went back to the Vancouver Pastry Training Center to take the ‘Tiramisu and Italian Pastries’ course. As usual, it was excellent. Truthfully, I’d never enjoyed tiramisu until going to Thierry and trying theirs. One of my favourite parts of taking these courses is getting to taste what things should taste like. Apparently most places use whipped … More Tiramisu