Strawberry Lavender Cake

Strawberry Lavender Buttermilk Cake


This year I didn’t really make any plans for my birthday. Turning 22 didn’t really seem like a huge deal, so I decided that I would spend the weekend making myself an extravagant birthday cake.

I wanted to make a lavender cake last year, but I didn’t have time because I was taking a biochemistry lab class. I assure you, it was a solid six weeks of lab reports, 12 hour days on campus, copious amounts of Tim Hortons coffee, and a severe lack of time for birthday cake. So when Sweetapolita posted this recipe a month before my birthday, I was ecstatic! I did go to Amaluna with some of my family as my official birthday event, but the cake definitely consumed the day.

If I made this cake again I would definitely do it a little bit differently. You need to make a little bit of extra icing to pipe dams for the strawberry compote, and I didn’t see anything about it in the recipe. I would also use AmeriColor gets rather than Wilton; you can see the purple is a little bit streaky. The icing was also very sweet, so I would tone that down a little bit, as well as add some whipped cream between layers.

I would probably decorate differently as well, but I got that cake candelabra as a birthday gift from my friend Lindsay and insisted on using it.

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