Cookie Monster Cupcakes


My friend Ashley came over today for a baking/hangout session. We’re both sort of children at heart, and she really wanted cookies, so we decided to make cookie monster cupcakes. I’ve wanted to make these for a while now, but I’ve been a bit lazy. I am pretty happy with how they turned out! We made a few decorating modifications (since we made small cupcakes) but I feel as though they definitely look very cookie monster esque. 


Show me the cookie! 

I wanted this to be easily decorated, so I went with this cupcake recipe, this cookie recipe (although I double the vanilla and use milk instead of eggs), and a basic buttercream (with almond extract). Really, any sort of icing that is white would work. I just needed something that would be a good vehicle for food colouring. I used almond extract to give it some flavour without altering the colour of the icing at all.  

The cupcake assembly was pretty simple; the cupcakes required icing, marshmallows, cookies, and chocolate chips. I made these cupcakes pretty small, so they didn’t work perfectly for sizing. I cut the cookies in thirds, and the marshmallows in quarters to make everything work out.

I cut a slot into each cupcake for the cookie, and sort of forced a chunk in there. 

Getting the icing the right colour took a bit of work…

Which kind of blue is best?

I don’t think it was perfect, but the best I could do given limited supplies. I used Wilton tip 233 (grass tip) to get the shaggy look on the cupcake, and just did it around the cookie. To do the eyes, I quartered marshmallows and stuck a chocolate chip into the sticky side. It actually stays pretty well! 

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