Chateau Gateau Goes to School!


It’s official. As of today, Roopa and I are both registered to attend two classes at the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver! Ever since Roopa moved out West we’ve been hoping for an opportunity to take a class or two at the PTCV, and the opportunity has finally arisen! There are various programs offered, from chocolate to artisan bread making; we’ll be taking pastry courses 1 and 9.

Pastry course 1 is titled the “Extensive Introduction to the World of Fine Pastries”. This course focuses on fundamental basic techniques used in baking pastries, such as making custards and pie crusts. Decoration and presentation will also be addressed, because who wants to eat something that looks boring? This class was really the biggest limiting factor because you need to take this class before you can take any of the other pastry classes. After that it doesn’t matter what order you go in!

The next course, Pastry course 9, is “Cheesecake, Cremes, and Custards”. After course 1, this is the next pastry course to be offered by the PTCV. I originally wasn’t sold on it because I’m not hugely interested in making cheesecakes, and that is about half of what we’ll be making. Roopa agreed, but was interested in giving creme brulee and creme caramel a go. Congratulations Roopa, you have now sold Alana on the cheesecake class. I’ve made creme brulee before (here and here), but would really appreciate getting a few tips from a pro!

There is of course, despite all of the lovely pastry school shenanigans, the added bonus of hanging out with Roopa again! Oh, and her place is conveniently located less than 2 hours from Whistler Blackcomb. Snowboarding with Mike between baking activities?  Let the adventures begin! 


In case it wasn’t obvious, I am extremely excited about these courses. We’ve quite literally been trying to sign up for the last year, but the timing has never worked. As Alana said, you need to take course 1 before you’re allowed to take any other course, and they’ve always been when I’m out of town. Or at 10:00 AM. I think it would be frowned upon for me to miss real school for pastry school…

But yes, I think it will be extremely beneficial to get some professional guidance on pastry basics. I have always wanted to delve more into pastries, and this will provide the perfect opportunity. A few flamethrower blowtorch wielding tips wouldn’t hurt either. I have a tendency to set marshmallows on fire (although I have yet to make a Mario-esque fireball like Alana). And, I’m further solidifying my backup plan of opening a bakery if engineering/prosthetics/whatever it is that I do doesn’t work out! 

Added bonuses: 

  1. I get to see Alana again, after incessantly harassing her all semester to come visit me again. 
  2. Alana lives very close to my doting Indian parents, who will send me all sorts of delicious foodstuffs (not to mention my cupcake apron!).

Let Team Shambles reunite!

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