First Day of Pastry School!


Team Shambles

We had our first day of pastry school at the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver, and it was AMAZING!! Chef Marco is super knowledgeable, and had a scientific explanation for everything he taught us. It was kind of interesting to see how much of what he taught we already knew, but it was definitely worthwhile for all of the tips and knowledge.

Day 1 was more of a prep day, so day 2 we will be completing the 3 recipes we started (apple pie, strudel, and cheese cake). In addition to all of our prep work, we also baked choux pastry and made vanilla bean custard to pipe inside. All of the ingredients were pre-measured for us, which was an absolute dream.

Also, there were cupcakes, multiple cakes, fresh baguettes, and unlimited tea and coffee there for our snacking pleasure 🙂 Maybe it’s good we’re only doing two classes…


Chef Marco at work



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