Rosemary & Olive Oil Slow Cooker Bread


I love cooking in my crockpot. It’s so easy to throw together a bunch of ingredients, go do an activity (because what else would I do with my time), and come home to a hot meal. I don’t bake a lot of bread, but when I saw a recipe for bread made in a slow cooker, I couldn’t resist!


This bread was quite simple to make, that being said, I don’t think I did the best job. I don’t think that I kneaded it enough before letting it rise, because when it was all done the top looked like it had collapsed into itself. I don’t know bread well, but I’m suspicious that if the gluten had been more developed it wouldn’t have risen as much thus avoiding the collapse.


I also left my house for a rather lengthy walk in the river valley about 45 minutes before my bread was supposed to be done, so it was definitely in the heat longer than intended. The bread wasn’t dry, but the crust along the bottom was probably thicker than it was supposed to be.


Regardless of the things I ignored or didn’t do correctly the bread tasted just fine, good even! I’ll probably give this recipe another go, even though I initially decided trying to bake bread in a slow cooker was over rated. In the original post(s), the writer points out that you can have fresh bread with dinner without taking up oven space. Crockpots also won’t heat up your house as much as an oven, which is perfect for hot days.

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