Golf Tournament Cake


I made a ginormous cake for my company’s golf tournament. It was 12″ x 18″, which is a very significant amount of cake. 

I kept things pretty simple – just a chocolate and a vanilla layer – with a lemon icing crumb coat/filling and vanilla bean grass. I used piping gel to make the water, graham crumbs + brown sugar for the sand, fondant for the green and the logo, and pocky for the flag. And the golf ball was solid white chocolate.

So much cake!

Setting out the green, sand trap, and water

I may have made a few extras

Company Logo

I used these amounts for the actual cake. 

Vanilla cake: 2 X this recipe

Chocolate cake: 2.5 X this recipe

I used 1 cup of butter for the crumb coat, and 1.5 cups of butter for the grass, and there was none left. I would definitely make more next time.

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