Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake


I first heard about this bakery a few years ago, and really wanted to try their desserts. Skip back to February of this year, and I had a work trip to Toronto. I peer pressured my coworkers to go to Milk Bar, and after an initially underwhelming experience, realized that the desserts are amazing. Well, the truffles are amazing anyways. For my next trip to Toronto, I decided to go all in and buy the birthday cake. FYI, I’m never bringing a cake on a flight again. 

Flight Attendant: Ma’am, you need to move that to the overhead storage.
Me: No. That’s not an option.
Flight Attendant: Well you can’t keep it there. It’s a safety hazard.
Me: If this flight is going down, I can assure you that I will be eating this cake before I can possibly trip on it. 

Obviously, I didn’t say the last part. Like a good Canadian, I politely apologized and contorted my body into an extremely uncomfortable position. I didn’t really need to be escorted off of a plane over a cake. 

Skip forward to now, and I decided to try make this cake for my 1 year work anniversary! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been adulting for a year now! How well I’ve been adulting is up for debate, but it is adulting nonetheless! It turned out absolutely amazing. It reminds me of a much better version of my Betty Crocker birthday cakes growing up. Truthfully, I think I liked it better than the one I bought at Milk Bar.


The recipe is available on the Milk Bar website and the cookbook. I followed the version written up by Brown Eyed Baker since I liked the layout. Overall, it’s not too difficult, but needs some rather particular ingredients and supplies. Thankfully I bought 6″ pastry rings last year! 


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