BUTTERBEER Roopa My sister came to visit me for a few days so we decided to make butterbeer!!!!! I followed this recipe pretty closely, except one is root beer and one is cream soda. I felt like I was in a diabetic coma after drinking it, but it was completely worth it! 

Baileys Truffles

Roopa I got to go to Ireland over spring break to visit my sister! I missed St. Patrick’s day by 2 days, but things were ramping up for the weekend. The people she was staying with were absolutely lovely and let me use their kitchen to some baking! I was lacking a lot of my … More Baileys Truffles

Homemade Vanilla

VANILLA EXTRACT Roopa After procuring some vanilla beans, I decided to try actually making vanilla extract. I’m home for Christmas, so I figured that I could get it all set up now and let the beans steep for 5 months, and then it will all be ready when I’m home again! I followed this process to … More Homemade Vanilla


QUINOA BROWN RICE FLAX CRACKERS Roopa I wanted to try make something that I would actually eat, aka something gluten free and relatively healthy. I tried out this recipe here.They were absolutely delicious, but there were definitely a few issues. The temperature was off – the outsides were crispy while the insides were soft – … More Crackers