Fireball Brownies

Roopa It was my friend Rebecca’s birthday and she is a big Fireball aficionado. Not really sure why, but that’s besides the point. We were having a conversation about birthday baking, and I told her that the entire point of having a friend who bakes is that you can get whatever you want, and aren’t … More Fireball Brownies

Gumpaste Flowers

Roopa I’ve always found gumpaste flowers exceedingly beautiful, but there is a little bit of a barrier to entry for these guys. They require a lot of parts, a LOT of time, and a decent amount of know how. Now that I’m a bit adultier than when this blog started, I don’t always have a … More Gumpaste Flowers

A Rice Krispie Purse (and Marshmallow Rolled Fondant)

Roopa This project really affirmed my decision not to go into fashion design… For realsies though, I’ve really learned that a project like this goes so much better when you have a vision going in. I have some conflicting aesthetics going on that could have been addressed with a little more foresight, but I’m overall … More A Rice Krispie Purse (and Marshmallow Rolled Fondant)

Carrot Cake with Raspberry Icing (and Pastillage)

Roopa This was a particularly exciting cake because I got to try some completely new techniques! I’d never airbrushed a cake before, and I’d never used pastillage before. We also used the fondant that we made on day one, which is vastly better than commercial fondant. Day 4: Cake: Carrot cake (sabayon) Icing: Raspberry custard … More Carrot Cake with Raspberry Icing (and Pastillage)

Sponge Cake with Raspberry Mousse (and Macarons)

Roopa This cake was probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing cakes I have ever made, and also one of the most interesting. The stenciled sponge cake outside was a really cool technique I’d never done before, and how can you go wrong with macarons and fruit as toppings? Day 2: Cake: Jaconde sponge cake; … More Sponge Cake with Raspberry Mousse (and Macarons)


Roopa Macarons have been a little bit of a challenge for me since moving to Vancouver. My apartment gets up to 66% humidity in summer, and it rains constantly in winter, so getting the shells to dry properly is a bit of a challenge. Either way, I was pretty intrigued to see what Chef Marco’s … More Macarons