Sour Cherry Pie

Alana The original purpose of the baking day that Theresa and I planned (a while ago now) was for us to try out the sour cherry pie recipe from the Duchess Bake Book. The sour cherry pie is a favourite of Theresa’s, and rightfully so! This pie is absolutely delicious! This pie was very straightforward to … More Sour Cherry Pie

Alana I got the itch to bake yesterday, but wasn’t too sure about what I could make because I’ve been house sitting. I know my way around Stephen and Ash’s kitchen, but I wasn’t too sure what ingredients they had. I opted to do something on the savour side of things and rolled some prosciutto, … More

Apple Pie

Alana A coworker of mine was chatting one day at work about how much produce her garden has yielded this year. She was a little overwhelmed by it, and I piped up saying that if she had any apples I would take them off her hands. Done deal! I over did it in the oven, … More Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Alana It’s been quite a while since I’ve baked anything, so when I realized that Stephen and Ash’s apple tree was dropping a tonne of apples I saw an opportunity! Stephen and I were getting together to play pokemon, so I figured it wouldn’t be hard to talk him into baking pie as well. I … More Apple Pie

Birthday Waffle Cake

Alana At the beginning of June (this post is rather late) Theresa and I celebrated our birthdays together! We had a big day planned, with as many activities as you could possibly cram into a single day. An important part of our celebration was obviously the cake. A month or prior to Theresa’s birthday we … More Birthday Waffle Cake