Roopa I was recently introduced to Gansitos, which are Twinkie-esque Mexican snack cakes. Maybe they’re great if you grow up eating them, but my first impression was overly processed mediocrity. After trying them, I felt compelled to make a better version of them, and I definitely succeeded!

Cookie Butter Bars

Roopa My sister saw my other sprinkley treats and she decided she wanted something also, so I made some cookie butter bars. I also got to use my new plate from Anthropologie!! You always have to find the right colour scheme between dishes and food, so it can be really satisfying when you find a … More Cookie Butter Bars

Chocolate Brownies

Roopa I recently signed up for the Sweetapolita Sprinkles of the Month Club, and the only downside is that I haven’t been able to keep up to all the sprinkles I’m getting! I decided that whatever I made today was going to be covered in sprinkles regardless of what it was. I was baking for … More Chocolate Brownies